Membership Benefits

Contacts for Business

More than 20,000 tourism related companies to choose from.

Speakers & Discussions

Annual Tourism Forum and many opportunities to attend seminars, nationally and locally.


22,000 tourism professionals worldwide with whom to make contact.

Starting a New Business

Skål is an ideal way to meet new professional contacts.

Moving to a New City

Use Skål to meet the other tourism professionals there.

Worldwide Opportunities

Annual Congress and almost 90 countries to choose from.

Friendship & Amicale

Develop new friends within the travel and tourism industry.


Many opportunities to attend national, regional and international congresses often offering special travel arrangements.

Monthly Meetings

Opportunities to meet local colleagues in the industry and the occasion to use local functions to entertain business associates.

Skal News

Quarterly magazine edited by Skål International has news and articles of an international nature.

Access to the Skal Database

Membership Directory Worldwide with close to 22,000 contacts at your finger-tips.

Membership Advantages

As a Skalleague your membership of the Association will be recognised in many ways as you travel.

Florimond Volckaert Fund

Help for members and their families who have fallen on hard times through loss of employment, illness, etc.

Warm welcome

Locally and Internationally, a warm welcome awaits all visiting Skålleagues. Each club has a varied programme of professional activities with a social content.